EastEnders: Wednesday Questions

Happy Wednesday everyone! Hopefully you found something fun to keep you busy during our EastEnders-less day. Last year, this post would’ve been full of questions. However, thanks to Kate Oates and Jon Sen, I only have a few. So, here we go…

Question 1: What will Sharon be wearing at this year’s Mitchell Family Meal?

Sharon Mitchell on EastEnders with white cream spilled on her after arguing with Mel Owen.

Last year, Sharon Mitchell wore a sleek black outfit garnished with a whole lot of cream thanks to Mel Owen. Sharon thought she would be slick and throw it on Mel. However, Mel did a quick step and a hand movement leaving Sharon creamed in her seat.

So, what will Mrs. Mitchell be wearing this Friday? Will Kathy Beale be the one to shower Sharon with fresh dairy? Or will this be when Sharon learns that she’s officially broke because of Phil’s business dealings?

Question 2: Why doesn’t Linda Carter show any pictures from Nancy’s Wedding?

Linda Carter, EastEnders

Linda Carter was so excited to attend her daughter Nancy’s wedding in Australia with Mick. She couldn’t wait to buy new outfits and look awesome for the special day. So, why did Linda come back early? She hadn’t seen Nancy in such a long time. Why didn’t she stay to spend time Nancy and Tamwar?

In Tuesday’s episode, Linda was sharing pictures of her tour in Australia with Sharon. Why hasn’t Linda also shared pictures from the wedding of her only daughter? Did something happen between Linda and Nancy to make her return early? There has to be more to Linda’s silence about Nancy’s wedding.

Question 3: Is Robbie Jackson still visiting his son in India?

Thanks to Stuart Highway, Robbie was able to spend Christmas with his son in India. Will Robbie ever return to Albert Square? Or was that his last good bye exit from Walford?

My first two questions may be answered. I’m not too sure about my third one. We’ll have to wait and see.

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