Exploring AfterLife on Netflix

BovaryCee: So it’s my first time watching #AfterLife on @Netflix I’m on Episode 2. (Episode 1 was a fast introduction.) Still trying to find the “sweet point” (my spot where I love the show). I will obviously be binge watching Season 1 tonight. (There’s no EastEnders…)

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BovaryCee: Ok… Now it’s picking up with Episode 3 with Roxanne the Sex Worker. Love her red dress and white shoes! 50 Quid just to clean his kitchen… And what’s with the nurse taking care of his father. ? #AfterLife … I knew that dog, wouldn’t let him die. German Shepherds protect their owners. Mine was Sheba. I had her 14 years (14-28). ❤️?

BovaryCee: I’m still in Episode 3 and now I get it… You grieve and the world moves on while trying to make you grieve faster… Ricky Gervais made excellent music choices. Those songs definitely tell the story of his grief.

BovaryCee: I’ve made it to Episode 4, and I’m still not sure of dinner. ??‍♀️ But I am certain that I… I like this show. At this point, I think Tony’s going to hook up with the nurse at some point. ? Or Roxanne… #AfterLife

Now that I’m four episodes into the series, I found my “sweet point.” It wasn’t a specific moment. It was more of an “A-Ha” moment. Humans don’t like grieving. We prefer it to disappear as quickly as possible. It’s harder for us to survive on earth without our loved one than it is for them to handle… death. (At least, that’s what I think.)

My dad dying in 1999 was the first devastating death that I dealt with as an adult. I was 31. He died from not taking a blood transfusion to treat a colon infection. (He remarried a woman who was Jehovah’s Witness after my parents divorced.) It was a simple infection to treat, but I had to stand by his religious beliefs. That tore me up from the floor up! It still affects me to this day.

I saw a teacher I knew during the summer he died. She asked how I was doing, so I told her. She said the most profound and comforting words…

Who better to teach you about death than someone who loved you with all of their heart.


I held onto her words in 1999, and I still remember them to this day.

So, I guess I’ll continue watching AfterLife. I believe it’s the little things that help during the grieving process. These episodes were comforting even after my father’s death 20 years ago.

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