Relaxing Weekend… A Swollen iPhone7 & 4 Geese

All I wanted was a relaxing weekend. Yet, based on my Saturday morning, I should’ve known that wouldn’t be the case. First, it was my phone…

Last weekend I purchased a new battery for my iPhone7. (It was cheaper than upgrading to a new phone, and my two-year old phone was paid off.) Finally my phone was holding its charge, and my Mophie case was working perfectly. Then I woke up looking forward to a relaxing Saturday morning when I saw this…

So I went back to Best Buy for an answer. Turns out, my new battery was a bad battery. It swelled up and pushed my screen up. Well, at least I can still use it while waiting for a new phone. (They can’t put another new battery in this one.)

The gentleman said that he had never seen one in person before. It figured that I would be the first one. Then I found out that Idris Elba got married, so that took care of Saturday. (I’m actually happy for them and wish them well)

Then I thought Sunday would be a new day and a chance to start again. That was until a small gaggle of four geese camped out on my condominium roof. Actually, two were on my building’s roof and the other two were on a roof across the courtyard.

They ?? decided ?? to ?? have ?? a ?? honking ?? conversation ?? at ?? 6:30 am ??!

I don’t know if they lost their flock and were having a pissed off conversation about it. Or if they felt our roofs were the best location for a party. All I know is their party woke me up too early. My only hope is that the rest of my Sunday will be less eventful. (Well, at least I have Line of Duty to look forward to this evening!)

Signature in Burgundy cursive spelling out T. Lanette.

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