What if Ollie Carter is Autistic? (EastEnders)

Ollie Carter just turned four years old. During his four years, we’ve seen very little of him. In fact, it was only recently that Mick and Linda Carter’s (Danny Dyer and Kellie Bright) youngest son has appeared on screen multiple times. When he hasn’t appeared, we’ve heard hints about his behavior from Linda. She talked about Ollie getting mad at her when she moved one of his toy trains. Or how she didn’t think Ollie noticed Mick was gone because he was “in his own world.”

For some fans, Linda’s words may be random. They could also be from a protective mother about her youngest son. However, as a teacher, her words to me were like little warning signs. Parents usually have a “feeling” when something isn’t right with their child. Linda may be finally noticing that Ollie is different.

Linda Carter may have a huge problem if Ollie is diagnosed with autism. It may be hard for her to accept that her youngest child isn’t perfect.


Ollie is rarely around other children his age. So, any behavioral issues he has may go unnoticed unless they are extreme or unusual. We’ve seen Linda describing moments where Ollie wasn’t being social or when he wasn’t socially aware around her. She has noticed that her baby boy is not a typical four-year-old. I think this is where the next Carter Family storyline will begin.

I can see Linda focusing on Ollie not being “perfect.” She and Mick will replay every moment and every action that affected Ollie’s health. They will blame each other, blame themselves individually, and probably blame their older children, Nancy and Lee. (They were arguing with Ollie fell as a baby.) Linda has always strived for perfection in her children.

We’ve seen it in the past when she has interacted with her older children, Nancy and Lee. Johnny appears to be the only one who has come close to her expectations. (Of course, after she accepted he was Gay.) If Ollie is diagnosed with autism or another behavioral disorder, the test would be for Mick and Linda to “not make it about them” as they accept Ollie’s new reality.

So, if Mick and Linda’s next storyline focuses on Ollie’s health, especially his behavior, I’m curious to see how it will be handled on the show.

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