Grown Woman Must-Have: A Portable Hand Truck

Milwaukee  Folding Hand Truck, A woman’s must have

I don’t know why it took me so long to figure this out. I’ve had many packages delivered to my home that I needed to carry into my second-floor condominium. When you don’t have a man around, you just make due or ask your nearest male neighbor.

Now that I use Amazon more often, I get packages delivered to my job. That means I need to move them from my parking lot to my steps. Last week, in addition to the rain, none of my male neighbors were around. So, that’s when I had a brilliant idea to buy a Portable Hand Truck! (It only took about 18 years of home ownership before I had this idea.)

I purchased a beautiful Milwaukee Folding Hand Truck at Home Depot. The customer ratings were high and the price was right— about $30. It fits in the trunk area of my Jeep Wrangler. This hand truck was easy to unfold and the wheels moved smoothly.

The best part— I was able to move my Door Jewelry Cabinet from my Wrangler to my front door. I was also happy that this hand truck maneuvered so well with this tall package.

So, ladies if you’re single and/or live alone, you definitely should get a folding portable hand truck. It’s worth the money!

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