Happy 4th of July & Grilling Day!

Wishing all of my American readers and followers a Happy 4th of July and a Wonderful Grilling Day!

Historically, this day is about our country’s independence from Great Britain. However, after many years and a decent relationship with the UK, July 4th is also about family memories.

My fondest memories as a child were going to my town’s 4th of July parade and our family BBQs. We would go to the park. The grills would be set in the shade. I remember watching my aunts, uncles, and older cousins playing whiffle ball.

The best part was my nana’s potato salad and the many flavors of ShopRite soda. My favorites were grape and orange soda! (My family loved those Can-Can sales!)

Then everyone would head back to my nana’s house. There was more grilling while my cousins and I played in the street. The adults would play Bid Whist on Nana’s porch until after midnight. We would run around catching lightning bugs.

I can still smell the smoke from the grill mixed with cigarettes and the heat rising from my nana’s driveway. I can even hear the laughter and loud voices: My Black Family having a great time on a summer holiday!

Those are the July 4th memories I hold on to during this time of trump America. It wasn’t that long ago when my family had to survive Jim Crow segregation (even in the North). So, it doesn’t surprise me that my fellow citizens have voted for this man.

So, today, as you celebrate our independence and continued relationship with the UK, make some awesome memories with your family! Happy Grilling!

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