Incense Smells Like Mari…What?

So… I bought natural incense sticks from Amazon. ? Every time I burn the Balsam Fir, it smells like… Cannabis. ? I know the smell having been at places where friends and others did their smoking. I’m more into wine & drinks for my relaxing vibe. Yet, every time I burn these sticks, it smells like mara-jawana.

I mean it can’t be because my cats, Mozeley & Shinxley, are still alert and walking straight. I’m still alert, walking straight, and not extra hungry. However… (ADHD story change)

Smells Like Horse What?

This reminds me of my first ex-mother-in-law’s fettuccine marinara. Whew! Child! Her fettuccine with marinara smelled like horse manure. (Yes sir, yes ma’am, it did periodt!.)

My first ex-husband was white, Middletown, New Jersey Italian. I was the first BlackWoman/Person they had in their house. They had every freaking stereotype about Black people. Anyway, I was on the look out for random poisonings during meal times.

The first time I had her fettuccine marinara I noticed the smell. My eyes said it looked good, but my nose said it smelled like horseshit. My mouth said you got to eat some. My mouth said again it tasted good. However, my nose still said it smelled like horseshit. This battle raged on for two minutes before I said I was full.

Every time she served her fettuccine marinara, it was a struggle dinner between my eyes, mouth, and nose. Finally I said something to my ex-husband. I didn’t wanna hurt his feelings but I had to confess my concerns— that his mother’s secret ingredient was horse manure. ??‍♀️ He looked at me surprised, but not in a bad way. He said out loud, with a straight face

Oh my God! We thought it smelled that way too! We just never said anything.


TLanette BovaryCee  Bitmoji saying  “Seriously?”

Sigh… Yes, we are divorced but not for that reason. (Although, it should’ve been my first glaring sign.) Anyway… that incense stick burned longer and sent up a cloud of smoke that wafted for a long time. It’s Balsam Fir on the package. However, as for the horse manure… it is what it is. ??‍♀️

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