Why I Stopped Using #Ballum on Twitter (EastEnders)

Today was the day I had to do it. I decided after the past three days that I needed to stop using the Ballum hashtag in my EastEnders tweets. This has nothing to do with the Ballum fans. It has to do with me personally.

Ever since Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) said the words, “I smell queer…” to Callum Highway (Tony Clay), I could see the potential of Ballum. So could other EastEnders fans. That when the fandom exploded.

Ballum Fandom Imposter

I am a Ballum Fandom Imposter.


I used the Ballum hashtag like other fans. I watched episodes cheering for their future as a couple while feeling sad about the pain Callum and Ben would cause Whitney Dean (Shona McCarty).

Now as Ballum are set to become an official couple, I have realized one thing… I am a Ballum Fandom Imposter. I enjoy Ballum as a couple, but I’m also a fan of other EastEnders characters and couples. The strength of show relies on more than one couple.

I recognized my limitations, and now I will go back to being a regular EastEnders fan.


Three days in the Twitterverse had me analyzing my place in the Ballum Fandom…

I realized that I have nothing to offer the fandom other than my positive wishes for Ben and Callum. So, I had to leave the fandom because:

  • I won’t die if I don’t see a Ballum kiss today, tomorrow, or next week;
  • I’m not creative enough to design and produce the beautiful picture montages of Ben and Callum set to popular music;
  • I don’t wish other characters to go away and/or die if they show concern about Ben dating Callum based on his history;
  • I don’t search for and post Ballum spoilers that present their future scenes before the show airs.

I am not worthy of being in the Ballum fandom because I offer so little as a fan. Even my excitement doesn’t match the levels of current fans. That’s the beauty of choice. I recognized my limitations, and now I will go back to being a regular EastEnders fan.

I wish the Ballum Fandom well. They and all of us regular EastEnders fans will get our Ballum “Happy Ever After” soon.

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