Reblog: The Five Inconvenient Truths of Web Design

Here’s the thing: There will always be someone else out there who, according to our own perception, created a better portfolio or has demonstrated a more intricate knowledge of code. Some may take this as proof that they aren’t good enough and don’t deserve success…But the web is a big place. Another person’s perceived expertise doesn’t disqualify you from anything. You can still be great at what you do, regardless of what anyone else has achieved.

Eric Karkovack

I stumbled across this article by accident. However, after reading the quote above, I knew I was in the right place.

I am starting my web design career. Some days I feel confident about my projects. Then there are other days where I think I won’t be able to survive as a developer. This article helped to put my mind at ease. It reminded me that web design is an ongoing process of learning and improving. What matters is the bigger picture and not the situations you can’t control.

This is definitely a good article to read for new web designers.

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