EastEnders Christmas Challenge 2019

It’s that most wonderful time of the year again! Christmas is only 17 days away, and we’ve finished our first week of the EastEnders Christmas Challenge 2019! I started out on time, but work got in the way. I’m a little bit behind. However, today, I’m going to catch up.

My Challenge Picks: First Four Days

Day 1: Favorite Male

Day 2: Favorite Female

Day 3: Favorite Couple

Day 4: Least Favorite Male

My Challenge Catch-Up

Day 5: Least Favorite Female


Kirsten “Dotty” Cotton— When Dotty first arrived, she had potential. Now she’s just a thorn in everyone’s side. She’s taunted Martin Fowler about his lack of concern for his daughter Bex. She’s tried to destroy Keegan Baker’s sandwich business due to her jealousy of Tiffany Butcher Baker. The only one who appears to be fooled by Dotty is her grandmother, Dot Cotton.

Day 6: Least Favorite Couple

Mick and Linda Carter— I like Mick and think his character acts better when Linda isn’t around. Linda is all about keeping Mick under her thumb like a child. He doesn’t have many male friends other than Mitch Baker. (That might not last too long thanks to Linda.) She spends her time yelling and snapping orders at Mick. No wonder he’s been having anxiety attacks. It’s amazing that these former teen parents have lasted together since they were 14 and 15. That’s a testament to their families that have helped them to stay together. Now we’ll have to see if they will survive Linda’s alcoholism.

Day 7: Favorite Beale


Bobby Beale— I didn’t watch EastEnders when the first version of Bobby was around. I definitely like this version! Bobby has been the voice of sanity in the Beale household. I love his relationship with the Ahmed family and Callum Highway. Clay Milner Russell has been great as Bobby Beale.

Day 8: Favorite Mitchell


Phil Mitchell— At this point, I’ve seen almost every part of Phil’s personality. The one I love the most is when he’s around Denise Fox and Kim Fox-Hubbard. Phil is still tough, however, it’s during his scenes with these ladies where he smiles more often. The scenes where Phil helped to deliver Kim’s son Micah will always be a classic. I hope after Sharon’s betrayal, Phil will eventually find something to smile about in the future.

Now that I’m caught up that gives me more time to think about the next challenge– My Favorite Fowler.

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