BingeBuzz: Brokenwood Mysteries (AcornTV)

It was raining all last week… Antarctica had a high temperature of about 65°F…??‍♀️ So, it was the perfect weekend to binge watch Brokenwood Mysteries, Seasons 1-5 on AcornTV. I had just finished watching Season 6, when I decided go back through the earlier episodes.

When the show premiered it was hyped as the “New Zealand version of Midsomer Murders”. Both shows have a high crime rate in their small towns (Who knew?). They also have a wonderful lead detective who solves the crime with the most obscure fact in the case.

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Detective Mike Shepherd (Neill Rea) arrives in Brokenwood with a love of Country Music, a classic car, and an unknown amount of ex-wives. He has an open personality, yet rarely shares tidbits about his past. He has a love for great wine which he shares with his muse-buddy Jared Morehu (Pana Hema Taylor). Jared gives Shepherd “pearls of wisdom” that help him as he investigates the murders.

Just like our beloved Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby (John Nettles), Shepherd comes up with the most important clue at the right time. I also love that the same actors appear in multiple episodes. The show also refers back to previous crimes.

The rest of the cast is just as entertaining. Detective Shepherd works with Detective Kristin Sims (Fern Sutherland) and Detective Constable Sam Breen (Nic Sampson). Sims is the straightforward by-the-book detective. Breen’s father was a detective, but he doesn’t take it seriously until Shepherd arrives. Then there’s Gina Kadinksy (Cristina Serbian), the pathologist, who gives her medical assessment with her witty Russian humor. All four characters are fun to watch as they try to solve these crimes.

BingeBuzz ??

I loved watching this show the first time around and definitely the second time. So, I have no negatives about the show. If you haven’t seen it, then you should watch it on AcornTV.

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