Cat Power Shift: Lockdown Seating

I could tell Shinxley wasn’t happy when Mozeley laid next to her. He never lays on the top of the chair when she’s there. This week there was a shift in power when he took that spot of the chair. Shinxley didn’t know how to handle the change for a few days. Now she appears to be less pissed off by the change.

These are the subtle changes I have noticed during our COVID19 lockdown. In addition to the new bird tweets, I have noticed that my cats’ behavior has changed based on my home schedule. Today my Mozeley stared at me because I was still on the computer and sitting in my kitchen table chair. He’s used to me ending my school day and moving my computer to the comfy chair.

Now this may seem like a lot of analyzing over the behavior of my cats. However, we’ve been together during the day as if I were on summer vacation. My summer vacation doesn’t start technically until the end of June. I can’t imagine how they will react then. Cat owners know that any negative reaction from their cat kids could include damage to the house (spraying, scratching, etc.) or damage to humans.

So far all I’ve seen is a nasty look from my Shinxley. I hope that is all of the negative reactions I receive as we continue with this lockdown.

Signature in Burgundy cursive spelling out T. Lanette.

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