Catvice on a Friday Evening

Hi everyone! ??‍♀️ I’m blessed to have another Friday evening on this planet. I just found out some devastating news about a teacher friend/colleague. I don’t know the words of comfort I could say to her now. All I can say is that ladies, you must take care of yourselves. Please go to your gynecology appointments and yearly mammograms. PLEASE take that time to take care of yourselves. On that note, I’m just going to share the mundane.

I’m so happy the temperature has been lower. That means… Doors and windows open!! My cats have reacted in different ways:

Shinxley looking for AC
Shinxley looking for AC

Shinxley loves controlled temperatures. She was wondering why the air wasn’t on.

Mozeley lounging in the window
Mozeley lounging in the window

Mozeley, however, had zero f¥cks to give as he was lounging in the window. Be more Mozeley during these times. At the end of the day when life kicks you in the ass, it won’t care how correct and anal you were.

Signature in Burgundy cursive spelling out T. Lanette.

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