Since I’ve been able to focus long enough to write a blog post. My last post was at the end of August, right before school started. It was also before my job description changed back to classroom teacher. ? I had two weeks to put together a classroom and train another colleague to work with my Basic Skills students. I haven’t stopped moving since then. ??‍♀️

I’m body and mind TIRED.


Now that I’m on a short medical break, I can sit still long enough to write my thoughts.

BlackWoman Bitmoji typing on  on computer

I’m tired. I’m body and mind TIRED. This pandemic, the election, and the entire year of 2020 has zapped my energy. There are times when I’m so numb that I can’t even respond to seeing Black bodies harassed and/or assaulted on a daily basis. I can’t even get upset anymore with Covididiots and MAGANuts who keep trying to share their the cult ramblings with the rest of us sane citizens. I know I’m not the only one who is tired.

In spite of that, I‘ve gathered enough energy to vote DT out of office. So, all I can do is hope he will be gone after November 3rd. That’s all we can do. So if you haven’t, please get out and VOTE.

T Lanette

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