My Struggle With Javascript

JavaScript and I have had a love-hate relationship for the last three years. When I understand all of its functions and objects, I love this language. Then the wind direction changes, all of my JS knowledge disappears. That is the “hate” part of our relationship.

I’ve tried everything to make JavaScript stick in my brain. I have written notes from many tutorials. I have practiced coding projects using the concepts I have learned.

Sigh… I am just having a hard time embracing the logic behind JS.

TLanette Pollard

Now I’m worried that my journey to become a Frontend Web Developer will be derailed because of my issues with JavaScript.

Then I saw a tweet that changed my thinking. A young man mentioned that he learned JavaScript four times during his coding journey. ? Four Times! That means it’s ok that I didn’t understand all the major concepts the first time or the second time. I need to accept that it will take awhile for me to fully understand JavaScript. Hopefully that will happen soon.

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