What is Aaron Monroe Hiding? (EastEnders)

A phone with a text that will erase after 5 seconds… Leaving quickly after calls from a person named Gemma… Washing blood off his hands as he tells his dad he’s found the perfect woman…


It’s only been four EastEnders episodes, but I’m determined to find out what Aaron Monroe (Charlie Wernham) is hiding. He arrived in Albert Square in a flashy suit. The next minute, he was waving cash around and drinking champagne at the Queen Vic. His dad, Harvey Monroe (Ross Boatman), mentioned that Aaron worked in finance and had a fancy London flat. Dana said something about his job being at a lower level. But is that really the case? Aaron told Tiffany Butcher-Baker (Maisie Smith) he works in “Logistics”. 😳 So what details, people, and information is Aaron in charge of handling? (See Merriam-Webster definition for logistics.)

We’ve only learned a little about Harvey and Dana Monroe’s (Barbara Smith) background. Harvey has mentioned occasionally that Dana and Aaron’s mom left their family. No insight as to why she left. I don’t even know if Harvey or Dana have said her name. However, I’m definitely getting a bad vibe about Aaron.

He reminds me of the “new” White Supremacists that emerged during DT’s 4-year term. They tried to dress them up as the “GQ Alt-Right”— clean-shaven or professionally manicured to look less like typical White Supremacists. (Such a silly concept.) That’s how I view Aaron. He chooses his words carefully, yet a few code words and phrases slip through (ex., protect our family, PC Rubbish).

I’m used to hearing the code words and phrases racists use to hide their racism. It lets people like Aaron hide in plain sight until they’ve done their worst damage. So, based on his actions during those episodes, I think Aaron is a member of an Alt-Right/White Supremacist organization. I’m invested in learning more about him as we get closer to the Christmas episodes.

It says a lot that Charlie Wernham’s first episodes have made a considerable impact. It definitely caught my attention. He understood what the assignment was for presenting Aaron as a character. This is only the beginning. I can’t wait to see what Charlie has to offer as we get further into the storyline.

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