How to Fix the Woocommerce Plugin Fatal Error 

I have been having problems with the Fatal Error “White Screen” for a while on my website. It’s been an annoying problem when I’m trying to update and maintain my website. As usual, I went to Google to see about a fix for the WordPress and WooCommerce errors. After searching, I found a solution in a post listed 2 years ago. 

She suggested downloading the plugin, deleting the old files, and then adding the new plugin files. I decided to give it a try, and it worked. Let me tell you how I did it. 

  • First, you need to know your Secure Shell File Transfer Protocol (SFTP/SSH) details for your webpage. You can find this information on your hosting service website under your page settings. To access your files, you will need the server (website address), port (number), username, and password to access your files. You can download the update from the WooCommerce website or from WordPress. It will be in a compressed or zipped folder. 
  • Then you need to use a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Client app that helps you see your website files. The app that I used was CyberDuckFileZilla is another app that you can use. Both are open source. 
  • Once I had my SFTP/SSH username and password, I opened a new connection in my Cyberduck dashboard. I added my information, and then I saw my list of files.
  • The folder you need to focus on is labeled wp-content. In that folder, you will find the plugin folder. Once you open the plugin folder, then you need to look for the WooCommerce plugin folder that you are updating. Once you find that folder, delete it.
  • Finally, open your compressed plugin in folder to get the files. Copy the WooCommerce plugin folder to the plugin folder under wp-content. You can do this by dragging the folder to the dashboard. 
  • Once you have added the new updated plugin to the plugin folder, then you can go to your WordPress admin dashboard to make sure it is activated. 

I know this may be a longer step than updating from your admin dashboard. However, if you are tired of that Fatal Error white screen, these steps are worth it. You can use the same steps to update other plugins outside your admin dashboard. 

I hope this helps the next time you are updating your website.

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