My New Favorite, Part 1: Bearpaw Slippers

I haven’t worn slippers since my 20s. That last pair looked like colorful puffy sneakers. When I was a teenager I had some fluffy animal-shaped slippers (I don’t even remember what the animal was). After I lost interest in those sneaker slippers, I started to just wear socks around the house. That is until I found BearPaw slippers.

Slippers were never a be a big deal for me. However, now that I’m in my 50s, I’ve started focusing on comfort. I also read that you should wear slippers/house shoes to help with your knees and aching joints (another addition to being 50+). I don’t remember where I saw this information, but it stuck with me. So, when my favorite store, Zulily, advertised BearPaw slippers, I decided to get a pair.

I love them! They are so soft and warm inside. Now after taking off my bra, I can slip my feet into these comfy slippers after work. It’s this little comfort that I needed after a long days of teaching.

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