Holby City: Best of My Love, Part 2

In an era where many feel a sense of entitlement, the act of gratitude has disappeared. To be hospitable to your neighbor isn’t the social act of giving them a place to stay. It’s the act of caring about your fellow human and showing that caring before the moment is lost. T. Lanette Pollard

When I wrote Part 1, I hadn’t finished watching this episode. Now I have, and I realize that it fit with the message I heard in church.

The homily at today’s mass reflected on the loss of gratitude. It’s very rare we let people know how they affected our lives until it is too late. The music was the tool, however, the main goal was gratitude and appreciation. This scene and episode brought a smile to my face through the tears (Dr. Digby died). I hope you enjoy this scene as well.



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