3 Faces of a #PhilMitchell Story: Denise Fox ( #EastEnders )

EastEnders Phil Mitchell (Steven McFadden) did his best to convince Kim Fox-Hubbard (Tameka Empson) not to trust DI Ainsworth. He even told Kim that “He was trying to be nice,” when warning her about Ainsworth. That made me giggle. (I actually laughed out loud and interrupted my cat’s nap.) The look on the Fox Sisters’ faces was priceless.

Nice isn’t a word I would associate with Phil. It’s rare that we see a full smile on his face. Phil Mitchell being nice? Never! But he continued with his story hoping it would charm the Fox Sisters… It didn’t work…

3 Faces to the Truth

The best part wasn’t Phil trying to show concern on his hardened face. It was the faces that Denise Fox (Dianne Parish) made as he told his story. Denise showed every emotion in her facial expressions. There was no way Phil would convince them he was doing a good deed.

This is why I enjoyed this scene. Phil acted differently around Kim/Denise than he does with Sharon/Mel. He appeared more…human. His emotions and tone were not as hard. I also liked the reference to Phil and Denise’s history. (And it has been explosive!)

I would like to see more scenes between Phil and Denise in the future. Their son Raymond has to come back to Walford at some point.

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