I found a new binge-worthy show on the ID channel on SlingTVEvil Lives Here. When I am computer coding, I prefer to have the television shows as my background noise. I usually watch British crime or mystery shows. Lately I’ve started watching real life drama. I’ve already watched Fear Thy Neighbor. Afterward I started being more aware of my neighbors. Now, this show talks about living with people who have evil in their souls. The first episode of Season 2 talked about a young man who started hurting and trying to kill his siblings at an early age. The parents knew then their son “wasn’t right”. As a teacher, I’ve met kids that have been wired differently where they don’t have any amount of empathy for other humans 😳 …Anyway, back to the show.

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These Deer are Built Different…

Normally the deer near my home keep far away. However this doe is built differently.


This doe spotted me from the edge of the parking lot as I parked my Wrangler. When I got out, I noticed she disappeared. I thought she went back into the woods. As I started walking on the pathway, she came out of the bushes and started to walk beside me. 😳 She walked beside me like we were two friends chatting. 😳 Normally the deer near my home keep far away. However this doe is built differently.

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I sat down for a minute in between cleaning and look who showed up— Mozeley and Shinxley. I knew these weren’t their usual snack stares because I had just given them their treats. So, it must be their “pet me” stares. They look so intense you would think I never pay attention to them. 🙄

They Call Me Demon’s Scrotum 😈

It was such a creative insult by a Ballum fan, I had to add it to my profile name. 😂😂 I figured I should buy the domain name as well in case I developed a cool product or an awesome hard liquor beverage in the future. 😂 I love it!

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