Sukeve Chronicles: EastEnders 10.06.2022

Just a few of my thoughts

When I see Suki and Eve, that’s two humans trying to find love, romance, and connection. They just happen to be two women.


I’ve read on Twitter about how the #Sukeve storyline has touched other viewers including women who identify proudly as Queer/LGBT. I have always said that this representation was missing from EastEnders. I’m glad that after three years of less than adequate representation that we now have Suki and Eve’s relationship on the screen. Their storyline has also touched me personally as a heterosexual woman.

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Sukeve Chronicles: EastEnders 10.03.2022

Eve and Suki have that connection. #Sukeve


It’s been awhile since I’ve seen romance happen on EastEnders. I’m talking about good slow-burn, “We’re going to take a long minute” romance. It’s so easy to become jaded after failed relationships and dating. It takes a true deep romance to change your point of view. We never see that part in soaps. (Well, not often.) That’s the connection we need to see.

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