Breaking Up with the Gym

I am one of those gym membership owners who never go. In fact, I would drive by the gym frequently after a long day at school. My exercise inspiration came during the warmer weather, during the summer and spring. That is when I loved to walk outside. That is when I was most active.

During the past few months, I contemplated canceling my gym membership. I believed that I could provide all my exercise needs through walking the 2.5 miles around my neighborhood and my sessions with Justin on the Daily Burn. I felt that was all the motivation I needed to stay healthy and active.

Then I was blessed with another year of life (47 years young) in July while still recovering from knee surgery (torn meniscus). Both gave me the wonderful gift of reality.

Reality: I Need Exercise, Not a Gym

Age and minor knee surgery helped me to realize that I need to exercise. I decided that my daily routine needs to include exercise. The gym was not the real issue. The issue was my unwillingness to accept what I need to do to stay healthy. Where I exercised was not as important.

In fact, I used the gym as an excuse not to exercise. Now that I have taken that away, no more excuses. I now have a new routine. I still go walking around my neighborhood and track my exercise on my Fitbit. I love the fresh air and the freedom of being outside.

I also use the Daily Burn in the comfort of my own home after work. I used it before when I had my gym membership, but I felt as if it was a conflict. “I paid for the gym, so I should be going there.” Now, I can exercise without the guilt of not going to the gym.

What has been your exercise inspiration?




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