Cat Furniture Success!

They say cats aren’t picky based on research (Yeah, right…), but I have two divas in my house— a female and a male. They are picky about cat toys, cat furniture, and cat food. (My oldest, Shinxley has an allergy to certain proteins. That means more expensive food.) So, I was searching on Chewy to find an anti-scratching solution when I found this cardboard cat bed.

I was skeptical that my cats would like it, especially Shinxley the Carpet Shredder. However, after adding some Kitty Crack (Catnip), I was pleasantly surprised.

Cat lying in cat-shaped cardboard bed

Head-Girl-In-Charge has claimed the cat bed as her own. Just to be clear, my cats are not high climbers. They prefer to lay on furniture, under coffee tables, and on kitchen chairs. They shun cat trees and other exotic cat furniture. I was very surprised they would accept this new item into our home.

Cat lying in cardboard bed shaped like a cat head

Now, as Shinxley’s has closed her eyes and rested her head on the edge of the bed, I realized one thing— Now I have to get the same bed for Mozeley.

Necoichi Cat Head Scratcher Bed,

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