It’s the night before the Election. The night before we ??hopefully ?? get a new sane president and vice-president. I’ve already voted for #BidenHarris2020. Have you voted? I have done my part as I did in 2016. That’s why I feel calm because all I can do is wait. There is no reason for me to stress about the polls and precinct numbers. Yes, the future of America’s democracy is dangling above the White Supremacist Abyss that Trump has widened. Whatever the outcome, we, Black people, will survive.

Grown Woman Must-Have: A Portable Hand Truck

Milwaukee  Folding Hand Truck, A woman’s must have

I don’t know why it took me so long to figure this out. I’ve had many packages delivered to my home that I needed to carry into my second-floor condominium. When you don’t have a man around, you just make due or ask your nearest male neighbor.

Now that I use Amazon more often, I get packages delivered to my job. That means I need to move them from my parking lot to my steps. Last week, in addition to the rain, none of my male neighbors were around. So, that’s when I had a brilliant idea to buy a Portable Hand Truck! (It only took about 18 years of home ownership before I had this idea.)

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Blue bag with cut dreadlocks

Today was like most Sundays except… I had to cut my dreadlocks for the fifth plus time. (I’ve had them so often, I’ve lost count.) I had to let them go. My hair wasn’t responding well to my medication.

See, besides my depression medication, I’m also taking five more medications for my Atrial Fibrillation (AFib). Add to that my grown woman age of 50 and… My hair needed a rest. As I cut each lock, I could hear a soft voice from my hair saying, “Thank you…”

ReBlog: Let’s Talk About Why White Women Never Get Brutalized…

Black women can’t be expressively upset when dealing with law enforcement because if we even dare to exercise our rights — we automatically initiate the target on our backs — which allows White men in uniform to drag our asses from cars — eateries or wherever the fuck they please — with the audacity of a supremacy that legalizes such abuse. –Ezinne Ukoha

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Black women have been treated differently from White Women since our ancestors were first brought to America’s shore during the early 1600s. It’s sad that 404 years later, we, Black Women, are still fighting to be treated fairly. Our safety depends on us. Black women have been unprotected and let down by many. This article says out loud what mainstream media refuses to address.

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