T’s Heart Journey: Atrial Fibrillation

It has to be bronchitis…I had it in the fall, so this would be the second this school year…Respiratory infections are part of working with kids, part of being an elementary teacher…That’s why I’m out of breath every time I walk…Bronchitis…Heart Disease…Atrial Fibrillation…

It wasn’t bronchitis. I had fluid in my lungs, and my heart rate was very erratic. My blood pressure went as high as 150/90. When I went to my doctor that day, it saved my life. Then, my panic set in as I waited for the ambulance…

I have errands to run…They can’t send me to the hospital…I need to stop at Dollar General…

My plans after that doctor visit didn’t include a 3-day hospital stayContinue reading “T’s Heart Journey: Atrial Fibrillation”

[Archive] Quote: Microaggressions Chipping Away at My Soul

I’m so tired of these daily microaggressions chipping away at my soul. Your prejudice, racism, and insecurity shouldn’t be part of my daily existence. –T.Lanette

Originally published September 28, 2017

Four and a half months later, I still feel the same way. In fact, I think these situations have increased during the last few months. Microaggressions aren’t always the words that people say out loud. Words are easier to document and fight against. It’s the actions that are more difficult to deal with on a daily basis.

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