My Bluish Sky…

My bluish sky is always there even behind my clouds. It just depends on the filter my eyes are using that day. I have filters that drift from gray to transparent. My summer filter has been off setting my skies to a light steel blue. I am thankful that I still see some blue. There is always a blue sky. Like you, I am just waiting for my filter to turn transparent again. T. Lanette

Vertigo: When My World Turned Upside Down (A Cautionary Tale)


Imagine sitting peacefully enjoying the moment. Then in a split second, you feel like a tied up hamster in one of those plastic rolling balls. I am sharing my story because my vertigo was triggered by a medicine Black women and men use often. 

If you have been diagnosed with High Blood Pressure (HBP), you need to pay attention. Most people who are on HBP medication are also on a diuretic or water pill. It was that diuretic, Hypochlorothyzide, that caused my potassium and magnesium levels to drop so low. 

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Nothing more peaceful on a Saturday than sipping my coffee, burning jasmine incense, and retwisting my dreadlocks.

Harrod's white coffee cup on a Saturday morning
My favorite coffee cup. I got it on my first trip to London from Harrod’s.

Cutting an inch or two off plus-size clothing and selling it as the same size is not fair. 

rp_Danskin2-1024x1024.pngSo, I go to get workout gear at my usual place (Walmart) and pick out a Danskin shirt in my size. I decide to wear it for my yoga practice today and could barely get the shirt on. It says 2X, yet, I swear Danskin took an inch off each side. Two inches and you are still selling it as a 2X?

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