Here’s to 2019! 🍾🥂

Wishing my fellow followers, resisters, Anglophiles, and bloggers a wonderful start to 2019!

We have the tools, grit, and spirit to make this year amazing! I wish you health, relaxation, and contentment!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving! My fried turkey and sweet potato cheesecake awaits! (Thanks to my cousin Taleef at Jersey Jones BBQ & Catering in NJ!)

Video: St. Wilfrid’s Actually

I know it’s after Christmas, but I had to share this video. Love Actually is my favorite Christmas movie! (Actually, it’s the only Christmas movie that I watch every year.) So, I had to see St. Wilfrid’s versions of the scenes from the movie. They did an awesome job. It definitely put me into the Christmas spirit.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Merry Christmas! Let Today Be About Light and Joy! Today is the…

Merry Christmas! Let Today Be About Light and Joy!

Today is the first time in years that I have put up my Christmas tree. I avoided putting up the tree due to my cats. As quickly as I put it up, they would have taken it down. However, this year, I needed to bring light and joy into my home.

I went with a black, purple, and gold theme. (Thanks to an impromptu stroll through the Walmart Christmas aisle.) I had the tree skirt made almost 10 years ago. Now my bedroom is blessed with the light of the holidays.

So, today my goal is to share only the light and joy of Christmas. I think we all need that positive vibe in our lives. I wish you light, peace, happiness, and joy. Merry Christmas!

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ReBlog: Single Bells, Single All The Way

With less than 6 days to the new year, I’d thought somehow, someway, I wouldn’t end this year single. Lol silly me. Well, seems like I just might. Don’t get it wrong, I am not unhappy about my singleness state and I’m not elated either. Just cool with it. Single …