Happy New Year!

Hope you’re enjoying your New Year’s Day! I’m writing thank you cards for my student gifts while watching The Sweeney on BritBox. I hope today is the beginning of a healthy and prosperous new year!

If you want to see actor John Thaw before he was Inspector Morse, definitely check out The Sweeney!


The Miser Brothers: Just Too Much!

I loved this song from the Miser Brothers in A Year Without Santa Claus! It’s one of my favorite Christmas-time songs. Just the beat alone brings back memories. We would watch all of the cartoons as a family. My parents even had their favorites. I miss the magic and happiness of the Christmases I enjoyed as a child. Even with my niece and nephew, it isn’t the same. It’s just different.
For now, I’ll take this happy memory from the Miser Brothers.

Wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy Christmas!

Signature in Burgundy cursive spelling out T. Lanette.

…Now for My Thanksgiving Meal!

I’m back home after a peaceful ride with my traditional Thanksgiving meal— fried turkey and sweet potato cheesecake! All prepared by my cousin who owns Jersey Jones BBQ and Catering. After a short (but long) work week, there is nothing better than having someone else prepare my Thanksgiving meal.

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My Thanksgiving Message…

I want to wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving Day! I hope your meal with your family and friends is drama free.

If you are spending this day alone like me (my choice), I hope that you still planned a special dinner. You deserve it! So set that table with your best plates and silverware. Single Thanksgiving dinners are just as important as family dinners. I hope you have an awesome day!