My New Favorite, Part 1: Bearpaw Slippers

I haven’t worn slippers since my 20s. That last pair looked like colorful puffy sneakers. When I was a teenager I had some fluffy animal-shaped slippers (I don’t even remember what the animal was). After I lost interest in those sneaker slippers, I started to just wear socks around the house. That is until I found BearPaw slippers.

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Thanks to that beautiful doe below, my hostas are done. ☹️ Poof! Gone! They were the highlight of my little garden.

Big green hosta leaves glistening in the summer sun..


Now, after that doe and her family had a party, I have hosta stems. ? I’m not the only person with hosta in my lawn area. The deer just prefer my patch because it’s closer to the woods. I could spray some deer repellent. However, I had hoped (again) that they wouldn’t touch it. ??‍♀️ I was wrong.

Deer in woods and hosta with leaves eaten

Grown Woman Must-Have: A Portable Hand Truck

Milwaukee  Folding Hand Truck, A woman’s must have

I don’t know why it took me so long to figure this out. I’ve had many packages delivered to my home that I needed to carry into my second-floor condominium. When you don’t have a man around, you just make due or ask your nearest male neighbor.

Now that I use Amazon more often, I get packages delivered to my job. That means I need to move them from my parking lot to my steps. Last week, in addition to the rain, none of my male neighbors were around. So, that’s when I had a brilliant idea to buy a Portable Hand Truck! (It only took about 18 years of home ownership before I had this idea.)

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