My High School Life Lesson

Describe something you learned in high school.

Whew!!! Where should I start? 😳 Well, I hated high school for many reasons including my mother who loved saying “No” to the teachers who only focused on the kids they thought wouldn’t graduate. The one major thing I learned is that every child, kid, teen needs guidance to keep learning.

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After throwing up all over my living room, my baby boy cat Mozeley is feeling much better. The vet gave him steroids for a few weeks. Now he’s back to eating his and Shinxley’s food. The vet said it could possibly be lymphoma (didn’t know cats could get lymphoma). She suggested an ultrasound and possible surgery. I opted for the ultrasound and steroids. I just didn’t have the money to put out for surgery even though I have insurance. That was ok because I had other options.

Black cat laying in open window
Mozeley lounging in the window

Too Soon!

Luke Perry, Dead at 52 from massive stroke…Keith Flint (Prodigy), Dead at 49 from completed suicide…Gone too soon…


I couldn’t believe it when I heard this news last Sunday. Two young men who were part of my adult culture, gone. Their death was too soon and at a young age. Perry was only two years older than me. Flint was a year younger.

Too many of us are dying from stress and troubles too young. We have every modern convenience to make our lives easier. There are medical advances to help us live longer. Yet, lately, I’m reading about young people dying from late-in-life diseases and the effects of mental illness.

It’s just too soon!

Open sunflower to the sun

ReBlog: You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Yourself

Pain is not your friend nor is anyone who is causing that pain.  In life, you have to realize to show up for yourself and stop begging people, includes your blood relatives,  to love you.

Emma Ortega Negrete

I needed to see this post tonight. Stuck? I feel as if I’ve been stuck since I was 8 years old. That’s when my childhood ended. (No, I wasn’t physically or verbally abused.) I just had a mother who decided it was time for me to “get older.” She had my brother to focus on, and it was time for me to be less dependent. So, 42 years later, I’ve managed to have a relationship with my mother. (Thank you therapy!) I promised my dad (my parent) I would try. Since he’s died I’ve definitely tried. And the week after Thanksgiving, I realized I’ve tried too hard. This relationship has been a huge source of pain for me. I’m tired. I’ve sacrificed my feelings too often for family, too often for my mother. I’m too tired! I won’t be sacrificing my feelings anymore. 

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