Hey fellow life travelers. I have been away from sharing my…

Bright Yellow Sunflower Center

Hey fellow life travelers.

I have been away from sharing my thoughts due to work and other people’s issues and drama. Tonight I made a promise to myself. In the future I will do better to make the time for writing. Journaling and blogging have been a wonderful relief for me during my 17 years as a depression survivor. They have become part of my self-care ritual.

I won’t let outside noise and drama interrupt my outlet, my symphony of words…my relaxation. I will take the time to care for myself. So should you.

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Trying so hard…

Trying so hard to stay motivated. It’s so difficult when I have time laying in front of me like an open road. That is the hardest part about my summer schedule: so much open time. I am thankful and blessed for the time. Hiwever, I just keep feeling disappointed that I haven’t used it well. Since I was diagnosed with ADD, it has been a gift (as a teacher) and a struggle (personally)

My Bluish Sky…

My bluish sky is always there even behind my clouds. It just depends on the filter my eyes are using that day. I have filters that drift from gray to transparent. My summer filter has been off setting my skies to a light steel blue. I am thankful that I still see some blue. There is always a blue sky. Like you, I am just waiting for my filter to turn transparent again. T. Lanette