Since I’ve been able to focus long enough to write a blog post. My last post was at the end of August, right before school started. It was also before my job description changed back to classroom teacher. ? I had two weeks to put together a classroom and train another colleague to work with my Basic Skills students. I haven’t stopped moving since then. ??‍♀️

I’m body and mind TIRED.


Now that I’m on a short medical break, I can sit still long enough to write my thoughts.

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Phil Mitchell: Unfinished Business, Unanswered Questions

Why is Michelle (Jenna Russell) living in their house like their adopted another child?

Last week EastEnders Phil Mitchell* (Steve McFadden) returned to Albert Square to look after his daughter Louise (Tilley Keeper). Right now her care is his main focus. However, he’s been away for seven months, and there’s a lot he needs to address. I have many questions that I would like to see him answer, and I’m just one fan (and tweets are only 140 characters). 

While Phil was in Italy, Sharon (Letitia Dean) decided to keep some important secrets, so he could recuperate “peacefully.” It’s a safe bet that Phil doesn’t know about: Louise’s bullying (towards Bex and as a victim), her rape scare, and previous hospital stay, or Dennis’s (Bleu Landau) involvement in Keegan’s (Zack Morris) lie. I know Phil is busy with Lisa (Lucy Benjamin), Louise’s mum. However, he has unfinished business he needs to handle. I have a few questions and some thoughts in mind.  Continue reading “Phil Mitchell: Unfinished Business, Unanswered Questions”

Drumpf has an imaginary friend named Jim??…? So thankful EastEnders is on today. At least I can escape the “everyday crazy” going on in the United States. I’ll take the teens, the Taylors, and Steven/Lauren any day to help me forget about this man.  

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