Peaceful Blue Sky…

You find the beauty of life when it peaks through the places you least expect…You find the beauty of the sky when your boundaries are the buildings that surround you.  Trista Lanette Pollard, NBCT.

There is nothing more beautiful than looking up into a vivid blue sky. There were many days when that vivid blue was a foggy gray. This picture reminded me of how far I have come since my depression diagnosis. I love this picture!


Sky above the circle of buildings
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One Cat Household: Do I Really Need a Second Cat?

I have come to realize that somewhere there must be a “universal cat owners” book. In that book, there has to be a chapter on single cat owners or the one cat household. I imagine that chapter to be one-paragraph long with the last line stating, “See the chapter on owning more than one cat.” Why would a seasoned cat owner, let alone a new cat owner want to own only one cat?

Well, based on what I have read, having one cat is the cardinal sin of the cat owners club. I am that single cat owner. I am trying to resist the cat owner peer pressure to add another cat family member.

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The Light and Joy of the Weekend…

I welcome the beautiful fall weather. However, the early darkness due to Daylight Savings Time (DST) has been a challenge. There is nothing worse than leaving school at 5:30 pm and walking into the darkness. It makes me feel as if my day is suddenly over. As if my personal goals did not matter for that day.

This is why I love the light and freedom of the weekend. When I enter the weekend I see the possibilities, the joy, and the light that I miss during the week. I do not see the weekend as two days. I see it as a gift of regeneration that allows me to embrace the Monday of the new week. So, even with DST, I see the possibilities of fall and winter weekends.

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