Tumblr: The Angel in Heaven I Want to Meet

Puts my mind at ease if that is who I will see when I get there…And a buffet too…Sweet!

T. Lanette Pollard


Thinking about and embracing death has been hard for me. I know it has been hard for most people. I have faced it head-on with the death of my father and my aunt. My dad was “my parent.” We were alike in many ways. I looked liked him and had the same personality and values. When he left me on June 14, 1999, I was angry. I felt he left me before I was ready. He left me before I had grown up. I was 31 years old. He was my first angel

My aunt, Paula White Jackson, was the woman who was my soulmate. In fact, she said we would have been “running and ripping” if we were the same age. We reconnected at the right time. We were alike in so many ways. My greatest regret is that my family’s view of her kept me from seeking her wisdom at a younger age. I am grateful that we reconnected when we did. It may hurt others, but she was a mother to me when I needed it. She was my second angel.

I remember watching the series “Dead Like Me” when she died. Oddly enough, it helped me to deal with their deaths. Both angels are forever etched on the base of my neck in a Celtic cloud. Each angel protects my life and honors my choices in different ways. I miss them dearly.

When I saw this on my Tumblr, I felt a sense of calm. (It did help that this angel was very handsome.) It was also challenging the predominant view of how angels look in heaven. All kidding aside, the important point is how we view death and those who meet us at the gates of heaven. If we believe in angels, in my opinion, those angels will represent the loved ones we have missed and cherished. 

This vision is meant to ease our concerns about death and entering the gates of heaven. At least, that is how I viewed the post. This brown angel eased my concerns for the moment. Grief is not finite; it is constantly evolving and growing. The one constant is that the loss will leave a hole in your heart that will never be refilled. 

In a small way, this video was comforting

Black Cat: Missing is the Yarn

All that is missing is the yarn…My lack of attention has kept me from crocheting/knitting. I would love to knit a piece the combination of his eyes and skin

Dinner with my Black Cat love…

Black Cat during dinner with wine

Dinner, wine, cozy evening on a cold night. Black cat relaxation! After a few weeks of mild temperature in New Jersey, true winter has arrived. I thought waking up when it was dark and coming home when it was dark was the most of my issues. That wasn’t even a problem. 

Having your phone tell you it is 22 degrees but feels like 0 degrees is not incentive to go to work. My Mozeley and Shinxley may look for food before I leave for work. But Mozeley is the one who hovers by when I am relaxing. (I know he is looking for treats, but humor me.) 

The comfort of cats is golden.