My BingeBuzz: One Lane Bridge

I found this show, One Lane Bridge, today on AcornTV. I love watching crime/mystery dramas as well as shows from New Zealand. This show takes place in Queenstown, New Zealand. It has hidden secrets, supernatural visions, and the new outsider (police officer) in town. There are only six episodes, so it will only take a day to binge watch.

BingeBuzz: Brokenwood Mysteries (AcornTV)

It was raining all last week… Antarctica had a high temperature of about 65°F…??‍♀️ So, it was the perfect weekend to binge watch Brokenwood Mysteries, Seasons 1-5 on AcornTV. I had just finished watching Season 6, when I decided go back through the earlier episodes.

When the show premiered it was hyped as the “New Zealand version of Midsomer Murders”. Both shows have a high crime rate in their small towns (Who knew?). They also have a wonderful lead detective who solves the crime with the most obscure fact in the case.

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