Holby City: Best of My Love, Part 2

In an era where many feel a sense of entitlement, the act of gratitude has disappeared. To be hospitable to your neighbor isn’t the social act of giving them a place to stay. It’s the act of caring about your fellow human and showing that caring before the moment is lost. T. Lanette Pollard

When I wrote Part 1, I hadn’t finished watching this episode. Now I have, and I realize that it fit with the message I heard in church.

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Holby City: Best of My Love, Part 1

Heart-shaped keychain with UK Union Jack with words Hip AnglophileCan we talk about the music choice on Holby City? I was watching S18 Ep35 (weekend BritShow binge) when the Holby gang did a line dance “Best of My Love” by The Emotions. I had to step away from my “teacher work” to enjoy the moment. The Brits have always had an appreciation for R&B. Made my Sunday afternoon.

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BBC Casualty: My new weekend BritShow binge…

BBC Casualty: My new weekend BritShow binge…

I haven’t been into medical dramas since St. Elsewhere when I first saw Mr. Denzel Washington. Now… Casualty has changed my mind.

I’m patiently waiting for the next episodes of BBC Casualty! (Spoiler Alert: Dr. Chao better survive!) This weekend I caught up on Seasons 30 and 31 on Britbox. At least I also have Holby City to keep me occupied.
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