ReBlog: Emmerdale Super Soap Week

This past week…Brilliant acting by everyone. I can’t wait to see the fallout in the coming weeks.

EastEnders: A Touch Of Frost & Mr. Dyer

So I’m sitting here on a New Jersey Sunday night trying to finish my lesson plans. I have A Touch of Frost on BritBox to keep me focused. When I hear a voice that’s familiar, yet different. I look over, and I see a very young Mr. Danny DyerContinue reading

Quote: Walford must be pretty small… 

Yes, Walford must be pretty small. I can understand dating in-laws, friends’ parents, even adopted siblings. But going for your student? ? T.Lanette

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Faux Ruin of Mick and Linda: EastEnders 

What was the Carter’s secret to longevity? The majority of their relationship took place off-screen. Now that EastEnders (EE) Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) is back in Albert Square, I had to weigh in on the Mick/Linda/Whitney (Shona McCarty) love triangle. (Yes, I’m rooting for Mickney.) I’ve read different opinions about …

EastEnders: Steven Beale’s Theme Song (08.17.17) 

The Prodigy – Firestarter (Official Video)

Tonight’s episode ended on a “WTF” moment between Max Banning (Jake Wood) and Steven Beale (Aaron Sidwell). Continue reading

Mick Carter is Every Man: EastEnders

Mick is every man who has blind-sided their wives with life-changing news at the wrong time We are two days into the EastEnders three-hander with the Carters. Tuesday’s episode (08.08.17) was emotionally draining and one of the best I’ve seen with any member of the Carter family. This episode hit …