EastEnders: My Escape

Eastenders: Phil’s Home

Phil is back in Walford, and he is ready to fight for his son.

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Coronation Street: Cocoa, and Causal Relationships

But this is not a causal relationship as you suggest it is. (Roy Cropper) Yes it is. Would we be having this argument if you hadn’t stirred the cocoa with a knife? (Brian Packham) I never expected to hear the words “causal relationships” and “cocoa” in the same sentence. Yet, …

EastEnders’ Whitney rages at Mick for abandoning the Carter family

EastEnders’ Whitney rages at Mick for abandoning the Carter family: I’m definitely tired of Mick’s moaning and self-pity. I was happy to have a reprieve from his sorrow (thanks to Woody Woodward (Lee Ryan). Now that he’s back, the flood of tears has begun. Someone needed to rip Mick a …

Emmerdale: Moira Barton, My Spirit Woman

Moira Barton is my spirit-woman! Any woman who can deliver a head butt without guilt, deserves praise!

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Eastenders: Denise Has Lost Her Mind!

My mind almost exploded watching Denise breaking up with Kush today. And here I thought watching her pick through the bins was bad enough.

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