Video: Charging iPhone with 9-Volt Battery

The thrill of “thundersnow” wore off quickly once I lost power this evening. It went off just when Coronation Street’s Pat Phelan was lying to his project manager about Eileen being sick. I heard a boom, and then my Roku shut off. There would be no relaxing with BritBox tonight. Well, now I’ll spend time charging my phone and iPad instead of enjoying television.

Anyway, I figured I’d better do something useful with my phone while it was still charged. That’s when I remembered reading on Twitter about charging your cell phone with a household battery. This was the first video I found, and it looks easy. It uses a 9-volt battery. However, I’m sure there are videos about using other batteries.

Good luck and stay safe.

DIY: Wine Corks in Garden Planters

Wine Corks used as mulch for outside planters. I used rubber wine corks. Fortunately, I had saved them for over 1.5 years.


Brokenwood Mysteries: Country Music and Crime

  Before you ask, this is not a television show review. This is me sipping wine and sharing my enjoyment of television show from New Zealand. I no longer have cable and stream my television shows through my ROKU (it has been a year). I watch more television and pay less …