First Day of Summer:


First day of summer, yet I am dragging as if it were the first day of winter. I really need to reevaluate my time management skills. 


Canada: America Has Lost Its Mind

newspaper article about a letter from Canada to U.S.
Published March 26, 2016, Neil Crowe, News Durham

Einstein, the Universe, and Human Stupidity

Well, I guess this explains the U.S media and Trump followers. I needed some logic to understand the madness.

Danskin stole my inch…

Cutting an inch or two off plus-size clothing and selling it as the same size is not fair. 

rp_Danskin2-1024x1024.pngSo, I go to get workout gear at my usual place (Walmart) and pick out a Danskin shirt in my size. I decide to wear it for my yoga practice today and could barely get the shirt on. It says 2X, yet, I swear Danskin took an inch off each side. Two inches and you are still selling it as a 2X?

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Grant Me the Wisdom…

Basically, God, grant me the wisdom to remember that I am not you. Fr. James Martin, SJ Wise words I should repeat every day, especially at work. These wise words came right on time. I returned to work this past Monday after a week’s sick leave for severe vertigo. I have …