Let’s talk about European Wars

Europe has always been a warring nation throughout its existence.


Yesterday, a journalist/talking-head/whatever had the nerve to compare the war in the Ukraine with conflicts in other countries. While carefully picking his code words, this man tried to say that this war was in a more civilized and developed place because it was in Europe. I shouldn’t be surprised by blatant racism even during times of war, but I am.

What this reporter failed to share is the long extensive history about the relationship between European countries and the continent’s interaction with the rest of the world. Europe has always been a warring nation throughout its existence.

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It’s been 19 years…

… since you left. The hole is still there in my heart. A worn scab covers it, ready to open to release the pain. I hope you’re still proud of me. I’ve had a few missteps along the way…

Daddy, I miss you deeply...

R.L.P., July 1, 1947- June 14, 1999

ReBlog: Black Women and Femmes Will Lose Visibility If Net Neutrality Goes

In the wake of this serious news, I’ve witnessed two general responses. The first being devastation at the potential loss of the Internet as we’ve come to know it. The other is apathy and a facetious nostalgia for the world before online socializing. While everyone will be affected by the loss of net neutrality if Congress doesn’t step up and repeal the vote, black women and femmes will suffer greatly…

Now that we have Drumpf as “The Man in the White House,” people have tried to silence Black Women on social media. If we lose net neutrality, we lose all protection. This article describes what is at stake when net neutrality is taken away.

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