Ted Cruz gets booed in the Bronx

Love seeing people hold Ted Cruz accountable! He deserves every boo, hiss, and shout.
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Living an Orwellian Nightmare

Last night I tried to read George Orwell’s 1984. I had to put it down after six pages. I shouldn’t have read it in bed. Nightmares aren’t supposed to happen in real life. Our daily news shouldn’t be a replay of pages from Orwell’s book. Yet, since November 9, 2016, …

Guess our mainstream media is insane because they keep expecting…

Guess our mainstream media is insane because they keep expecting #Number45 to act normal. He wasn’t normal during the campaign; he isn’t normal now. We need reputable news outlets and true journalists who are brave enough to cut him off. from Tumblr http://ift.tt/2mBnk6Y via IFTTT

Resistance doesn’t need permission! T.Lanette

Resistance doesn’t need permission! T.Lanette

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mediamattersforamerica: America is a melting pot that serves as…


America is a melting pot that serves as a haven for people fleeing tyranny and oppression elsewhere. 

Far too often, the news treats refugees and Muslims as potential terrorists – and not as human beings fleeing oppression and war.

4 Things Media Should Be Telling You about Trump’s Muslim Ban

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The 13th Hour Has Arrived 

The 13th Hour Has Arrived

War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. G. Orwell, 1984

America, the country of my birth and life since 1968, died on January 20, 2017. All of the history lessons about The Constitution, the fight for equal rights under the law, and our reputation as a powerful world leader, disappeared when T***p was inaugurated.

I started reading George Orwell’s 1984 last weekend. It wasn’t on our reading list in high school. As an English major at Rutgers, I focused on British Literature. However, after this election and his first few days in office, I knew it was time.

All it took was the first few pages to see America’s future under T***p’s administration. Basically…WE ARE SCREWED! Our only hope is mass organized resistance. We have to resist every attempt to tear apart our Constitution and democratic government. We need to resist the racism and bigotry promoted by this administration.

The quote above, the slogan of Orwell’s fictional political party, is located on the Ministry of Truth’s building. No explanation needed.

I suggest you grab a copy or download the digital version. We need to be prepared. Stay strong!

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