My Chest Infection Has Decided to Stay

Not happy that the first round of antibiotics didn’t take care of this chest infection. Today, I found out from a coworker that it took her a month before she felt better. I’m on my third week! I’m hoping that my chicken soup and medicine (Mucinex) will work. It’s hard being upbeat and brilliant in front of my students when I’m breathing like I just climbed a mountain.


Whispering to Be Heard

A Writing Prompt

Them: Why are you whispering?

Me: I want you to hear me.

Them: But you’re whispering! How do you expect to be heard? Continue reading

Cloverwords: Good advice for writers 


Good advice for writers 

Definitely good advice! I like the designated workspace suggestion.

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Bovary’s Writing: The Cerulean Gates

Fire is fire. How could it be different from what a fire should be? She watched as the last of the fires burned blue. They said it wouldn’t  look like a normal fire. Fire is fire. How could it be different from what a fire should be? Still, she didn’t believe …

Writing Prompt 148: The Book of Nebula

Persia’s  Beginning… Ever since the day you left, I don’t know what to do with myself… I… miss you…miss you…miss you….I really miss you. Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes “I keep a book of people,” she said conversationally. “With their contact information and expiration dates.” Tremaine (at least that was …