Writing Prompt 148: The Book of Nebula

Persia’s  Beginning…

My writing journal, pen, candle, and coffee

Ever since the day you left, I don’t know what to do with myself… I… miss you…miss you…miss you….I really miss you. Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes

“I keep a book of people,” she said conversationally. “With their contact information and expiration dates.” Tremaine (at least that was the only name she was known by) let that statement linger as she looked away with a slight smile. In fact, no one really knew her given name. Maybe that was best. Kept people from annoying her during her “downtime.” She continued.

“The expiration dates are the most important. That makes the job easier. Means their time on this planet was set from the beginning. After the expiration dates…well…I still complete my assignment.”  Keep on Reading!

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