Daylight Savings Fog (Rant)

Black woman Bitmoji surrounded by fog feeling down...

Even with the sun shining, I’m still surrounded by a funk and a fog this week. I guess Daylight Savings has hit me really hard. I haven’t been able to shake this mood. Lately I’ve been tired, annoyed, fed up, and… tired. I know it’s stress at work (Do I have to be asked to do everything?) and stress of doing everything on my own (Even taking out the trash has pissed me off!). But, this Black Woman has reached the point where I have no more nice words to give! And I don’t think Sunday mass or my therapist will help with adding those words back into my vocabulary. I’m just fed up with everything and everybody!

Even Lent snuck up on me. The only thing I could give up this year was “Saying Yes.” Letting go of chocolate and wine was not an option. This is the mood I’m stuck with at the moment. I know it will pass. But right now I’d rather be at home curled up with my blanket.

Black woman Bitmoji under the bed covers with the words “Current Mood” written above in red.
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