Disappearing Halfway (EastEnders)

It’s almost been a week since those Friday EastEnders scenes with Halfway Highway (Tony Clay) and Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden). It was a fanfic fan’s dream—Halfway consoling Ben about his hearing loss while being in pain from his recent kidnapping by Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters). That’s right, you heard what I said. Halfway was recovering from being dehydrated, exposed to cold temperatures for days, and injuries he received in a fall. Yet, he was the one doing the consoling. In fact, Halfway’s only comment to Stuart about Ben being the cause of the kidnap—“Does it matter now?” — ended the 5-minute hospital scene. (Interesting Halfway was only in the hospital for less than a day after being held hostage/injured for at least 3 days.)

After watching those scenes, I truly believe that Halfway’s only purpose on the show is to be Ben’s support boyfriend. He’s only there to balance out Ben’s high and low emotions. He no longer has his own thoughts and feelings about situations. (Who wouldn’t be pissed off and angry at being kidnapped and held hostage because their boyfriend ordered the murder of the kidnapper?) According to Halfway’s lack of emotion and response, Keanu kidnapping him because of Ben was just a minor schedule blip. So what he missed his police assessment. So what if he got hurt and almost died.

At this point, I’ve lost interest in whether Ben and Halfway will stay together. I even stopped using the B***um hashtag awhile ago thanks to the fandom. Now with Halfway slowly losing his character self-hood, it’s time for me to invest in other relationships. Shout-out to #AshandIqra!

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