Aidan Maguire, Keegan Baker, & The Taylors? (EastEnders)

I just have a feeling that Karen Taylor’s father has come to Walford. 

I can’t get those scenes between Keegan Taylor (Zack Morris) and Aidan Maguire (Patrick Bergin) from Monday’s EastEnders episode (on BritBoxUS) out of my mind! Aidan first spoke to Keegan as he was arguing with Bernadette…

“Oi! … Thought I recognised the voice.” “Well do ya?” “No, must have been some other little squeaky git.”

That’s when I started to wonder if Aidan had a connection to the Taylors. Even when Aidan gave Keegan advice about keeping his anger hidden, he sounded like a grandfather sharing life lessons with his grandson. It would be great if Maguire turned out to be related to the Taylor Family. If not, I’ll be happy if he just has more scenes with Keegan. 



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