Float: Right…Nope! #100DaysofCode R2D15

I spent most of my Sunday (07/01/18) two weeks ago trying to get the Search form on my navbar to float to the right. It seemed like a simple task at 9am. Well, by 10:00am the next morning, it finally decided to float over. Hallelujer!! Hallelujer!!

Then it was time to get my footer to live at the bottom of the page. For awhile, my nice deep blue footer was happy in the middle near my article section. That’s when I realized working with floating elements is one of my challenge areas.

I read the CSS books and watch the videos. Yet, those elements refuse to float according to my plan. UGH!! I know I will eventually get it, and my footer will appear on the bottom of my page. But for now, it’s extremely frustrating.

bitmoji of black woman with locs with hand on chest saying

Signature in Burgundy cursive spelling out T. Lanette.

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