France: The Beauty & Peace of Empty Side Streets

Capturing the beauty and peace of empty streets far away from home…

For the last six years, my travel lust has been for Europe, specifically the United Kingdom (UK) and France. I toured the UK, at least, three times before deciding that I had to visit France.  I wanted to put the three years of French I learned in high school to good use. (I did spend the months beforehand practicing as often as I could.)

empty street in FranceIt was one of the best traveling decisions I have made so far (actually all of my traveling decisions have been awesome). I felt like I was at home, just as I did in the UK.

I felt accepted even as I labored through my French to order a beer or to find the nearest bathroom ( I got free fries to go with my beer). It took me until almost the end of the trip to say “Bon Jour” and “Bon Soir” at the right times. But this trip was worth it. 

I enjoyed going to the major attractions. However what I enjoyed the most were the surprises along the way. 

The Beauty and Peace of France

France Monaco StreetAs I traveled through France,  I frequently saw empty side streets. This was surprising at times because many French citizens spend their time outdoors. Some of the most beautiful streets that I saw were in Monaco and Carcassonne. (Carcassonne had been on my travel list since I had French with Mr. Ciliberto at Plainfield High School during the mid-80’s.) I was most excited to walk around the walled city. 

When I saw these empty streets, I realized it was the perfect opportunity for a picture. For one brief moment, I was able to capture the beauty of the architecture and the history without modern conveniences.

There were no cars or ringing cell phones to get in the way. I was amazed by the amount of history within the walls of these buildings. It was a peaceful and humbling experience. Our country is quite young compared to the cities of Europe. I am glad I got the opportunity to explore another beautiful country. 




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