Hollyoaks, About Time: British Soap Awards

Hollyoaks title pictureTonight the British Soap Awards were live and loud. I’ve been waiting for almost a month to see if my votes counted. I wasn’t disappointed. My favorite show, EastEnders, won three awards which were more than I anticipated. However, I need to recognize Hollyoaks for their wins tonight. On the hierarchy of British Soaps, Hollyoaks is the half-sibling no one wants to recognize. That’s a shame because the actors and the storylines are awesome. I’m glad the residents in Hollyoaks Village got the recognition they deserved. Tonight they won: Best On-Screen PartnershipBest Male Dramatic PerformanceBest Storyline, and Best Single Episode.

Now I just want Hulu to show current episodes instead of episodes two weeks behind. After tonight, I have a feeling the show will be taken seriously.

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