Jesus, Mary, Joseph— The Acronyms: Line of Duty

One of my favorite shows for a few years has been Line of Duty (LOD). So, I was excited when Season 5 (S5) started. During the first four seasons, I didn’t notice the number of acronyms they used in the show. However, after S5E1, I realized that LOD had a whole acronym dictionary. Well, BBCOne, must’ve read our minds (and our tweets), because this week they shared the LOD Acronym Dictionary (my title).

Even with the dictionary and the Bingo, I still need to use all of my “non-affected-ADHD” brain cells to keep up with this season’s storyline. After tonight’s episode, I’m still trying to figure out if Hasting’s is a “bent copper.” Well, at least I have the acronyms to study while I wait for episode 3.

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